Behind the Mask

Go Behind the Mask to Create Your BEST Relationship Ever

You want to take control of your future and have success in the bedroom as well as the boardroom.  You want to Redefine your Relationships.

  • You’re fed up of hiding your true feelings behind a mask every day.
  • You want to fully commit to your current or next relationship without being haunted by past relationships.
  • You want to live life on your terms and have strong, healthy, passionate and loving relationships.
  • You know you need to make some changes to your relationship but you’re not sure you can do it on your own.

Behind the Mask has been created with you in mind to enable you to Redefine your Relationships and create your Best Relationship Ever.


  • Breaking through the bondage of your past and taking control of your future.
  • Looking forward to leaving the office on time to meet up with your partner
  • Being excited about heading to the bedroom knowing you’ll feel relaxed, confident and satisfied.
  • Knowing that your partner loves the whole package that is YOU.
  • Living life on your terms with a strong, healthy, robust and passionate relationship.
  • Your confidence in your relationships emanating across all other aspects of your life and creating untold abundance.

Imagine that feeling of FREEDOM that comes from removing the mask and enjoying the sexy little extras of the ripple effect.

You’re here because you’ve decided it’s time to harness your feminine energy and rewrite your script to take control of your future in the bedroom as well as the boardroom, and beyond.

I know that;

  • You’re fed up of feeling scared that people would find out the ‘real you’ that you’re hiding from the rest of the world every day.
  • You desperately want your dirty little secret – significant debt, substance abuse, abusive relationship, uninspiring job – to became a thing of your past
  • You want to start doing and saying exactly what you want.
  • You want to join the top 6% of women over 40 living their life on their terms

In your professional life you’ve worked hard to achieve your success and you’ve had to make difficult decisions.  There are times where you’ve had to be ruthless and brutally honest with yourself and those around you.  So why can’t you do the same in your relationships?

If you’re looking for a quick fix you’re in the wrong place.  But if you’re ready to invest in yourself and your future for less than the price of a summer holiday you’ll get results.  The speed at which you get those results is dependent upon you but if you do the work and invest the time then you will create your best relationship ever.

What's included in the Behind the Mask Programme?

Module 1 – Get Real

This is where you get real.  You shine a light on your relationships and work out what’s your most important relationship.  Then you’ll look at what’s not working in your relationship right now and why. We’ll apply this methodology to all areas of your life so you can start to experience the sexy little extras of the ripple effect as soon as possible

This programme will give you the tools you need to make changes in your own relationships.

Module 2 – Silence the Fear Monster and the 94/6 Rule

When you know what’s not working you can start to look at your relationships through a different lens.

You’ll silence the fear monster and start to look at what you want to change and how to change it.

Then you’ll create your ideal future relationship(s) before taking a deep dive into how that will manifest every day of your life in the future.

Every module is accompanied by dedicated worksheets and a live training by Deb to guide you through the exercises and answer any questions you may have.

Module 3 – Step into Selfish and Make a Defiant Decision

This is the ACTION phase, where you use the secret weapon to scope out the framework of your future relationships.

You’ll create an action plan to help you implement changes in existing relationships and your own life over the next month so that your learning becomes habit and your relationships go from strength to strength.

You’ll retain lifetime access to the programme so you can return to the exercises at any time to really dial it in and ensure you create your best relationships ever.

And that's not all. Every module in the Behind the Mask Programme includes;

Weekly Training from Deb

A personal coaching call with Deb every 2 weeks.

A dedicated Workbook.

Direct email access to Deb.

Lifetime Access

Ask yourself what’s your relationship worth?

A small investment of just £3,500 now

or 50% of your net worth at a later date?

For the cost of a family holiday or a small car,

both of which will soon be forgotten or replaced,

you could turn your relationship into

the ultra-powerful, strong, healthy and robust relationship you’ve been looking for.

Take a step Behind the Mask and invest in you and your relationship right now.